Autograph Book 1923

This autograph book belonged to Sean Malone, High Street, Westport, a Prisoner of War in Tintown No 2, The Curragh Camp. Inscription read as follows:

Baile An Staig,
Pobal 9

No wave on the great ocean of time
When once it had passed us can be re
Called. All we can do is wait for
The new form and motion of the next
And launch upon it to try, in the
Manner our best judgement will suggest
Our strength and our skill.

Séagán Brúg
Co Muigeo

Bullet Marked Dish

After raid by Black and Tans in l921 on Kitterick's house, High Street, Westport.

Cannon Ball c.1680

The iron cannon ball originated in the ironworks at Knappagh, property of John Browne, of Westport House. This ironworks supplied ammunition for the Jacobite army of King James.


Cash Register c. 1850

From Mulloys Ironmongers, Hardware and Builders Providers, l846 - 1996. The Cash Register was used in the film "The Field", starring Richard Harris.

Collection of Medals from the Boer War


Cross Inscribed Quern Stone

Found in a drain, west of Oughaval Cemetery, Westport. By tradition St. Patrick founded a church at Oughaval, near the seat of the ruling family of the district, at Belclare. The Patrician foundation, of which nothing now remains, was claimed by the see of Armagh.

In the 7th century an abbey of Columban monks was also established at Oughaval under the patronage of St. Columcille, whose holy well is at that place. Some remains of this abbey can be seen in the parish burial ground at Oughaval today.


Cross-inscribed Slab

Photograph of the Cross-inscribed Slab on Caherisland


Magic Lantern c. 1900

Earliest type of projector, used with small oil lamp and glass negatives.

Mould for making altar breads

Iron moulds used by the Sisters of Mercy, Westport for making altar breads.

Portrait of Maud Gonne MacBride

Maud Gonne MacBride, (1865 - 1953) wife of Major John MacBride,

Spinning Wheel of Maud Gonne MacBride

Presented to Maud Gonne MacBride 1900 by A.Muffeny, Ballina, for her work with evicted tenants.

Maud Gonne MacBride, (1865 - 1953) wife of Major John MacBride, Inspiration of love poetry of W B Yeats.

Standard of The O'Malley Clan

motto Terra Marique Potens (Powerful by land and by Sea.)